Unit Project
Teacher Name: Darryl Carr Grade Level(s): 9-12 Course: Social Studies
Required period:
Project will be given over the weekend.
This project will measure the students’ knowledge based on their readings, research, discussions and overall ascertainment in reference to the Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, The Bay of Pigs, the Korean War, Vietnam Conflict and the Hippie Movement. The assessment project will allow the students to express their opinion in a creative narrative document; this document will allow students to witness history, not as a bystander, but as a participant. This project foster the constructivist principles of letting students construct their own meaning to text. The performance assessment adheres to the state and nationals standards in History and Social Studies. The performance assessment promotes cognitive thinking, and is in accordance with Missouri Show-Me Standards. Additionally, the performance gives leave for the students to supports ideas with details and examples, and allows them to identify and summarize major historical events.
Technology Required:
Computer access
Students will view “America’s Scrapbook” on the wiki site; they will choose no more than two (2) photos of their liking, and write a three paragraph creative narrative essay. The student should be able to incorporate facts from the era as supporting text, as well as, their opinion along with what they think is happening in the photo and why.