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Our Curriculum is divided into the following six units:

Unit 1. Reconstruction - Industrialism v. Ruralism, North v. South, Racism

Unit 2. WW1 - Isolationism v. World Power
1920's - Rich v. Poor, Racism, Prohibition
Depression - Racism, Economic Classes, Role of govnt
Suffrage - Sexism

Unit 3. WW2 - Racism in army battalions
Fascism v. Democracy v. Communism

Unit 4. Cold War (Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis) - Democracy v. Communism
Civil Rights - Racism
Hippie movement - Social Classes (Music and art too)

Unit 5. Korea and Vietnam - Democracy v. Communism
Containment v. Isolationism
Racism (In media)

Unit 6. Iraq 1&2, Kosovo, Serbia, 9/11 - Racism
Democracy v. Terrorism
Christianity v. Islam
Ethnicity v. Nationalism v. Regionalism