COLD WAR, 1946-1991
Teacher Name: Darryl Carr Grade Level(s): 9-12 Course: Social Studies

Anticipatory Lesson:

radio.jpg Walter Winchell on Russia (2/17/46)

radio.jpgElmer Davis news broadcast (2/3/46)

Students' will be able to demonstrate knowledge in reference:
  • Use map and technology skills to find the cities in the war plan on a map of Europe.
  • Analyze the map to determine the value of targets listed in the war plan.
  • Evaluate the plan as compared to Hitler’s blitzkrieg or Schlieffin’s plans for World War I, to determine the feasibility of the plans.
  • Create a short document revealing their findings with supporting data.
  • Create a 45-second Public Service Announcement.

Material and Technology needed:

Each student will individually produce a short (3-5) paragraph statement of their findings about the Cold War based on the aforementioned reference material. In addition, a 45- second, Public Service Announcement about the threat of nuclear war must be recorded on DVD. The statement, along with the PSA will be graded with the attached rubric.

external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png SCORING RUBRIC FOR SOVIET WAR PLAN ESSAY.docx