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Lesson Plans

Below is the time line of our curriculum, essential questions, and themes:

Big Question: What is the role of this conflict in relationship to the larger event. The outcome of that conflict and how the conflict has effected history after the event as well as society today.

Theme: History as a conflict. Constant battle of: 1. Races 2. Ideologies 3. Social Groups (Classes, Gender etc)

1. Primary documents (diaries, film, photos, etc)
Questions to evaluate primary sources:
Purpose and motives of the author
Argument and strategy she or he uses to achieve those goals
Presuppositions and values (in the text, and our own)
Epistemology (evaluating truth content)
Relate to other texts (compare and contrast)

2. Secondary documents (Newspapers, textbooks etc)

1) Reconstruction - Industrialism v. Ruralism, North v. South, Racism

2. WW1 - Isolationism v. World Power
1920's - Rich v. Poor, Racism, Prohibition
Depression - Racism, Economic Classes, Role of govnt
Suffrage - Sexism

3. WW2 - Racism in army battalions
Fascism v. Democracy v. Communism

4. Cold War (Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis) - Democracy v. Communism
Civil Rights - Racism
Hippie movement - Social Classes (Music and art too)

5. Korea and Vietnam - Democracy v. Communism
Containment v. Isolationism
Racism (In media)

6. Iraq 1&2, Kosovo, Serbia, 9/11 - Racism
Democracy v. Terrorism
Christianity v. Islam
Ethnicity v. Nationalism v. Regionalism